Career Missionary Insurance – Long Term Missionary Health Insurance

Career Missionary Insurance - Long Term Missionary Health Insurance


Career missionary insurance is necessary for all missionaries who will be residing abroad for an extended duration. Missionary work in a foreign country can be challenging and at the same time very rewarding to those who help to serve the Lord and help the people in need abroad.


Long term missionary health insurance should be considered by career missionaries, churches and organizations sending missionaries abroad. A missionary's regular domestic health insurance may not provide adequate coverage abroad. In fact, those who will be on long term assignments may not even maintain medical coverage back in their home country.

Missionaries often travel to or reside in remote parts of the world where healthcare may be poor and the facilities could be inadequate. In case of a serious illness or injury, medical evacuation to the nearest location where adequate care can be given is necessary and can be a lifesaver.

Missionary health insurance can also provide other benefits such as wellness, maternity, dental, vision and life insurance, in addition to the medical expenses. Some of those benefits are provided as riders at an additional cost and are optional.

Some missionary medical insurance plans will continue to provide you coverage after returning to the home country, as long as the illness initially occurred while overseas. Several missionary health plans cover short trips back home for a vacation, Christmas or Thanksgiving break, for example.

Missionaries will pay for the insurance either out of their pocket, or from the money they raise. If the sending organization provides such insurance, they will typically deduct the amount from the money raised by the missionaries.

Missionary health insurance allows you to choose the deductible from $0 to $5,000 and even more. We recommend choosing a deductible not exceeding $1,000, as the cost of health care is typically lower outside the U.S. and the premium difference is not too high.

All missionaries health insurance plans offered on our web site are insurance plans, and not just a cost-sharing plan. All plans listed on our web site provide high quality coverage and are reasonably priced.

Of course, you should consider purchasing missionaries medical insurance from reputed brokers that specialize in international health insurance, rather than going to your neighborhood agent who may be selling auto, home, life, health and everything else. Also, it is best to buy from a broker that does not sell the insurance from just one company but has various plans from different companies.

Other Considerations

Depending upon your destination, you may also want to look into kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance.

For a group of missionaries traveling to reside abroad, it is better to look into missionary group medical insurance, as it would generally be lower cost and can provide customized benefits.

You can also consider purchasing accidental death and dismemberment insurance, which can provide a high amount of coverage based on your income and other factors.

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