Global Crew Medical Insurance

Global Crew Medical Insurance

Global Crew Medical Insurance is a comprehensive and annually renewable international health insurance specifically designed for professional marine crew.

Global Crew Medical Insurance is administered by International Medical Group (IMG) and is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, a White Mountains Insurance Group company, and is rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best.

In order to be eligible for Global Crew Medical insurance, you must be a crew member who currently or usually works aboard a vessel or be employed by a vessel as a full-time, sea-going crew member for hire, who expects to spend a significant amount of time during the period of insurance sailing outside of U.S. territorial waters in such capacity. If you are a United States citizen, you must not qualify for or be able to obtain adequate coverage under a U.S. domestic insurance plan that will provide continuous coverage outside of the United States, and you must provide a signed Statement of Residence and a residential address outside of the U.S., if available. If you are not a United States citizen, you must provide a non-U.S. residence address or provide a signed Statement of Residence.

Global Crew Medical insurance provides up to $8,000,000 lifetime coverage per person.

After the deductible:

  • For treatment in the U.S. and in the PPO Network, eligible medical expenses are covered 100% to the policy maximum.
  • If in the U.S., but outside the PPO, Global Crew Medical Insurance pays 80% for the first $5,000 in eligible medical expenses within the U.S., then 100% up to the policy maximum.
  • For treatment outside of the U.S., Global Crew Medical Insurance waives 50% of the chosen deductible up to $2,500.

Global Crew Medical insurance provides multiple levels of coverage so that you are able to choose a plan that includes many important benefits, such as: hospitalization, surgery, transplants, outpatient treatment, emergency, emergency transportation by ground ambulance, emergency medical evacuation, return of mortal remains, pre-existing conditions, mental/nervous care, wellness benefits and many other benefits. Or just a simple plan that will cover your medical expenses in case there is an accident. Please review the brochure for complete details.

You can complete an online application on this web site.

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