K1 Fiance Visa Insurance FAQ

K1 Fiance Visa Insurance FAQ

International Major Medical Plan is an excellent choice for persons traveling to the U.S. on fiance visa (K visa) until they get married to US citizen and are able to enroll into their spouse's health insurance or find another domestic insurance.

Am I eligible to purchase this plan?


Can I buy for one month initially and extend the plan for another month or two?

Actually, monthly payment option is available.

This looks like a short term insurance policy. Are you sure I am eligible to purchase it?

Yes, as long as you answer all the questions correctly on the application and it goes through, you are eligible. You can keep the insurance until you qualify for domestic insurance, such as through your spouse's work or in Healthcare exchange etc.

Is maternity covered?


Are birth control pills covered?


Are general check up or pre-existing conditions covered?


Are my non-US citizen children on K2 visa also eligible to enroll in this plan?

Yes, just like you are.

Is medical exam for the school admission of my kids covered?


How can I get the above excluded conditions covered?

You will have more coverage when you enroll into your spouse's health insurance through work or other domestic health insurance.

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